This series includes comments from Ann Arbor City Council Members, Washtenaw County Commissioners, DEQ staff and citizens at numerous public meetings.  In addition, individual interviews were conducted with:

1.     Evan Pratt, Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner
2.     Mayor Christopher Taylor
3.     Representative Jeff Irwin
4.     Roger Rayle, Scio Residents for Safe Water
5.     Vince Caruso, Allen Creek Watershed Group
6.     Dan Bicknell, Global Environment Alliance
7.     Bob Wagner, DEQ
8.     Mitch Adelman, DEQ
9.     Mike McClellan, DEQ
10. Dan Hamel, DEQ
11. Trojan UV dioxane removal systems
12. Chad Lapora, regulatory compliance supervisor with Tucson Water
13. Yolanda Herrera from the Tucson Unified Community Advisory Board (similar to CARD)
14. Jeff Biggs, Tucson Water District Administrator
15. Jane Crowley, Eastham Massachusetts Health Agent
16. Trevor Weigle, Health Officer, Mt. Olive Township, New Jersey
17. Roland Clubb, State of Colorado Health Department
18. Tyson Ingels, Hazardous Materials Waste Management Division, State of Colorado
19. Bonnie Rader, citizen activist, Lowry Landfill, Colorado
20. Nancy Miller, resident, Kalamazoo
21. Kevin Wordelman, Kalamazoo County Commissioner
22. Dr. Rita Loch-Caruso—UM
23. Dr. Larry Lemke—CMU
24. Dr. Allen Burton—UM
25. Dr. Henry Pollack—UM
26. Dr. Murray Borrello—CMU
27. Dr. Andrew Maynard—(former director of the UM Risk Science Center)
28. Dr. James Crowfoot—UM retired chair of SNRE
29. Tim Dekker, engineer at LimnoTech
30. Joyce Dunkin, engineer at LimnoTech
31. Greg Peterson, engineer at LimnoTech
32. Jeff Gearhart, Ecology Center
33. Maris Laporter, Realtor
34. Andy Buchsbaum, National Wildlife Federation
35. Matt Greff, owner Arbor Brewing Company
36. Phil Simon, owner Ann Arbor Technical Services
37. Bob Bailey, former Dow Chemical scientist
38. Ken Garber, journalist
39. Christine Schroeder, Gelman scientists neighbor
40. Stephen Lange Ranzini, CEO University Bank
41. Lana Pollack, International Joint Commission
42. Mike Moran, Ann Arbor Township Supervisor
43. Matt Naud, Environment Coordinator, City of Ann Arbor

Note that repeated interview requests with Pall Corporation and Danaher Corporation were declined.