Resources for Parts 1 & 2
Ann Arbor area:


Part 3

Part 4

Parts 5 & 6

Video of April 18th Town Hall meeting from Scio Residents for Safe Water

Part 7

Timeline Pall/Gelman Site from Scio Residents for Safe Water
3-D Pall/Gelman Plume maps from Scio Residents for Safe Water

Part 8

“How dangerous is dioxane in your drinking water?” by Andrew Maynard, Risk Bites series on Youtube.
‘The Gelman Legacy” at the University of Michigan Risk Science Center.

Part 9

Part 10

Research on Superfund and Property Values:

Part 11

Ann Arbor News articles written at the time of Bicknell’s discovery:

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16
Water intake and hydration physiology during childhood

Part 17

Part 18

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